About the NRCGD

Our vision: to be recognised as the premier internationally-ranked research centre

focused on the biology of the early periods of life, and its consequences for

life-long health and well-being

The NRCGD was established in 2003 as one of New Zealand’s seven Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs). It is a ‘virtual’ institute that is hosted by The University of Auckland and headquartered at the Liggins Institute, but includes scientists from Massey University, the University of Otago, the University of Canterbury, AgResearch Limited and Landcorp Farming Limited.

The work of the NRCGD is focused on research, teaching and learning in that most complex but important part of biology: mammalian growth and development. We seek to understand how and why environmental influences acting early in life impact on later biological outcomes, and to translate our findings to the clinical, agricultural and public policy sectors.

The NRCGD is committed to ensuring that New Zealand’s science capability is maintained, through creating a supportive and challenging environment for our best young scientists. We are a major investor in LENScience, an outreach initiative based at the Liggins Institute that is forging new pathways for knowledge translation between scientists and the secondary education system.